In the Community 

In the Community

We are delighted to be supporting The Nelson Trust as our 2024 charity of the year.

The Nelson Trust has been working successfully for over 38 years with vulnerable people who have multiple and complex needs including addiction, trauma and offending. Their vision is for there to be a world where both the causes and consequences of multiple disadvantages are understood, effectively tackled and ultimately eliminated.  They place equal importance on helping people recover from their addiction as well as helping the mrebuild a positive, independent life in order to sustain their abstinence once they have left their care.  

They work alongside each client to develop personalised programmes of therapy, workshops, courses and 1-2-1 support.  The provide Residential Rehabilitation, Hub Enterprises (offering therapeutic ways to facilitate each person’s recover journey) and Women’s Centres in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bristol and Wales.  They also offer real world volunteering opportunities, training in life skills and education to help people get back on their feet and return to the workplace.    

We are extremely grateful for any support.  To donate to our fundraising please click here to visit our Just Giving page.

As a company we support many local charities, taking our community responsibility seriously.  We currently support over 50 charities, clubs and societies.