Happy Global Recycling Day 2023

Published: 18/03/2023

It’s the 18th March so that means its Global Recycling Day!

The mission of Global Recycling Day, as set out by the Global Recycling Foundation, is twofold:
1. To tell world leaders that recycling is simply too important not to be a global issue, and that a common, joined up approach to recycling is urgently needed.
2. To ask people across the planet to think resource, not waste, when it comes to the goods around us – until this happens, we simply won’t award recycled goods the true value and repurpose they deserve.

If you are already a customer of the Auction Rooms then clearly you already realise what a good thing an auction is, but have you ever thought about the fact that you are recycling in the process? If yes, then it’s good to be reminded. If not, then it’s good to point it out, and maybe tell others too! If you are not already a customer of the Auction Rooms then here is a good reason for why you should be.

Recycling is more than putting the household rubbish in the right bags and boxes for bin day or making sure that larger items go in the right skips at the tip, it can be good fun as well.
Whether you are up for a quick upcycling change of colour, want a “new to you” piece to go straight into place....

....fancy a “Repair Shop” project or want to go to town with a “Money for Nothing” style rethink,.....

....there is normally something to be found at auction. Even if you have to wait a little bit, part of the fun is looking for and finding that individual piece. Remember one man's rubbish is another man’s treasure!
Whatever your style or budget, buying and selling antiques and second-hand goods is great for the planet…as well as your bank account.

And we would love to see the results, share them on social media using the hashtag #myMAIbuy so we can.