One of the changes bought in under BPS is the opportunity for new entrant young farmers to receive an additional annual top-up to their BPS claim.

To be eligible as a young farmer you must be 40 years of age or younger in the first year you claim BPS and have been appointed "head of your holding" within the past 5 years. Farmers ‘in control’ of an agricultural business are the ‘head of holding’. To be ‘In control’ a person must have more than 50% of the shares and votes in the business. More than one person can ‘control’ the business in certain circumstances. Where more than one farmer is in control of the business, all ‘new farmers’ must meet the rules for new farmers. However for ‘young farmers’ only one of the farmers in control (who must be over 18 years old) must meet the rules for young farmers. For further information please feel free to contact us.

If you qualify as a young farmer you could receive an additional 25% payment on up to 90 hectares of claimed entitlements. The young farmer payment is designed to encourage the next generation of farmers by giving them additional financial support.

As with much of the detail of BPS, RPA and DEFRA are still to announce how and when you can apply. If you wish to discuss the young farmer payment in greater detail, please contact Anthony Wright on 01285 648106.

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