Vendors Entry Form

To print a blank copy of an Entry Form to complete offline please click here

I hereby instruct Moore Allen & Innocent to sell goods described in this application by Auction. I do not wish to place reserves upon goods except stated here in writing and I declare that I am able to pass a marketable title, free from encumbrance. I further agree to the auction Terms and Conditions of Engagement, and accept these are binding upon me in all respects.

Commission: 15% up to £5,000, 10% thereafter per lot. Web fee £5 per lot. Lot fee £5 per lot. Loss/damage 1.5%

This form must be completed and returned to the Auctioneer before goods can be entered for sale. Please provide a full description. The Auctioneer will be pleased to offer advice in respect of the descriptions and placing reserves/estimates and if appropriate our Valuers can visit prospective vendors to inspect items, if required to do so.This is a free service and without obligation


Please note: Whilst you are more than welcome to email this form to us, we will also require a signed hard copy for our records.

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