Rural Grant Schemes

Basic Payment Scheme

In 2021, we completed 252 BPS applications for Clients.
Contact Stuart Milsom or Jack Ayres-Sumner on 01285 648107 to discuss any aspect of the Basic Payment Scheme.  

Entitlement Trading

Amount Available Type VAT
2.00 Non-SDA Y
7.00 Non-SDA Y
2.00 Non-SDA Y
12.00 Non-SDA Y

Please contact Stuart Milsom on 01285 648107 for further information.  

Countryside Stewardship

We are well placed to advise on any aspect of Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship.
Contact Emily Shorter on 01285 648107 to discuss in more detail.

Other Grants & Funding

Please contact an advisor to discuss any aspect of the plethora of rural grants available.  We offer, honest, straightforward advice to assist your application.