Payment, Collection of Goods & Security Checks for Bidders

We want you to be able to collect your goods as soon as possible so please do review the important terms below to ensure you are not disappointed.


Purchasers shall pay for and remove lots at their own risk and expense immediately following the Sale; after 3 days from the sale date uncollected lots shall be subject to charges as follows:

•Up to 3 working days to collect – free

•After 3 up to 5 working days - £50 storage charge

•After 5 working days - £100 storage charge

•After 7 days - £10 storage charge per day per Lot in addition to the charges outlined above.

BANK TRANSFER: You are welcome to pay by bank transfer and clear the goods once we are able to confirm payment has reached our account.


  • Sort code: 30-92-06
  • Account number: 00714176
  • Name of account: Moore Allen & Innocent
  • Reference: Insert your surname & invoice number

CASH: A single payment, or multiple payments cannot be accepted for sums of over £8,000 for goods due to the current Money Laundering Regulations.

CHEQUES: we can take payment by cheque. However, goods may not be removed from the saleroom until the cheque has been cleared through our bank account. We may on occasion allow goods to be cleared prior to the cheque clearing if you hold an APPROVED buyer card with us. PLEASE NOTE: We will review each APPROVED buyer on a case by case basis. Please always check with the office before buying.

DEBIT / CREDIT CARDS CUSTOMER PRESENT: Buyers using chip & pin cards are welcome to clear goods immediately once the payment has been authorised using their pin number.

DEBIT / CREDIT CARD CUSTOMER NOT PRESENT: We do have a floor limit over which we will NOT accept payment by card when the buyer is not present. (Please check with a member of our team, as it is reviewed on a regular basis) As long as the amount of your invoice is below our floor limit we will process the payment. We are unable to release the goods until seven days after the payment has been made. Items can ONLY be posted to the registered card address the invoice was settled with. The only exception to these rules is if you hold an APPROVED BUYER CARD with us, please discuss this with the saleroom team prior to buying.

OVERSEAS BUYERS NOT PRESENT: All invoices will need to be settled via bank transfer; once we are able to confirm payment has been received you are welcome to collect your goods.

SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNTS: Please note invoices not settled within 14 days of the sale will be subject to interest charged at Lloyds TSB Bank base rate plus 6%.

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