BPS Entitlements 2019

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If you are looking to purchase or sell BPS entitlements, please call Stuart Milsom or Emily Shorter on 01285 648107.


  • All Entitlements are sold subject to the transferor's agreement and to the Rural Payments Agency effecting the transfer.
  • All Entitlements are sold subject to contract.
  • While every effort is made to ensure details are correct, Moore Allen & Innocent accepts no responsibility for any mis-statements on values, restrictions or quantities.
  • Moore Allen & Innocent acts solely as agent between buyer and seller.
  • Monies will be held in a non interest-bearing client account until the Rural Payments Agency confirms the transfer.
  • In the event of Entitlements failing to be transferred, the sole responsibility of Moore Allen & Innocent is to return the money.
  • Monies will only be paid out on receipt of the relevant documentation from the Rural Payments Agency.
  • Active Farmer - The transferee must confirm that they are an active farmer before a transfer will be submitted. It is the transferees responsibility to confirm that they are an active farmer and no loss will be accepted by the transferor if the transferee fails to meet the active farmer requirements

To discuss any aspect of the Basic Payment Scheme, including your Entitlement needs for 2019, contact Stuart Milsom stuart.milsom@mooreallen.co.uk or Emily Shorter emily.shorter@mooreallen.co.uk or on 01285 648107

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