The Basic Payment Scheme (2015-2020) was developed to replace the Single Payment Scheme following the Common Agricultural Policy reform process of 2014/15. The European Commission are currently finalising all the scheme rules and the guidance is expected to be completed in February 2016. Individual countries can tailor the specific rules of the scheme to cater for their needs. The UK set out its rules in 2015, some of which have been amended for the 2016 scheme year.

The following provides an overview of BPS for England:

Single Payment entitlements were rolled forward to the new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) as “Basic Payment entitlements”. To be eligible to receive 100% of the BPS payment ‘’Greening’’ rules must be complied with. The concept of Greening was introduced in 2015 and covers management requirements to provide environmental benefits which affect 30% of the BPS payment. The remaining 70% of the payment works in a similar way to the historic Single Payment Scheme. Anyone claiming BPS will need to comply with a set of rules known as cross compliance.

In order to qualify for BPS a claimant must have over 5ha of eligible, agricultural land and meet the ‘Active Farmer’ requirements. For further guidance, follow this link - Active Farmer.

In order to be able to claim 100% of BPS, one must also comply with the Greening measures. In England, Greening has three key features:

1. Maintaining existing permanent grassland;

2. Crop diversification on arable land; and

3. Providing Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs).

Further details on Greening, including options for EFAs, can be found by following this link - Greening.

Certain EFAs will need to be mapped on the RPA’s online mapping system and we are able to undertake this on behalf of clients. We can also produce detailed and customised maps for your own reference - Mapping.

BPS aims to encourage and help new entrants into the agricultural industry via the Young Famer Scheme. An additional 25% “top up” payment is available to qualifying claimants - Young Farmer Scheme

To claim BPS it is necessary to be registered on the online government gateway. For more information please click on this link - Registration.

The Agricultural Team at Moore Allen & Innocent have developed this webpage specifically dedicated to CAP Reform to provide our clients with an overview of the key aspects of BPS.

There have been many challenges for clients moving into the new scheme and will continue to be challenges going forward as alterations to BPS, including the application and administration process are still being made. At Moore Allen and Innocent, we are well placed to assist with any queries you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Agricultural Team on 01285 648106.

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