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What does Lockdown 3.0 mean for Home Movers?

Tue 5 January 2021

As a further period of national lockdown is set to begin, we answer the questions that those looking to move home might have...

Can I move home during a lockdown?

Yes, the Government has stated that this is one of the reasons why you are allowed to leave your home during the lockdown

Can I view properties and have my house valued and what safety measures are in place?

Yes, you can. All physical viewings where prospective buyers or renters will be entering the property should involve no more than 2 households inside the property at any one time. We will follow the Government's guidance on working within people's homes, including wearing PPE when conducting viewings and valuations and require that sellers /prospective purchasers /renters do the same.

Can I visit an Estate Agent's office?

Yes, you can, but we would strongly advise against doing so unless absolutely necessary and then only via booked prior appointments. You must wear a mask when visiting our offices - unless you are exempt from this requirement, and we will be wearing one too.

Can I hire a Removal Firm?

Yes, removal companies are allowed to continue to operate during the lockdown but must follow the Government's guidelines on working within people's homes.

Can I have a mortgage valuation or survey done on my home?

Yes, the Government has advised that these procedures can continue, but must follow the Government's guidelines on working within people's homes.

I've sold my property, will my sale progress during this time?

We can't speak for every solicitor, but solicitors and conveyancers are allowed to stay open during the lockdown and so your sale should progress as normal.

If you are thinking of selling or renting your property or you have any further questions on how the lockdown might affect your home move, please let us know:

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