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My Best Auction Buy: Nicole Salvese - An Article Featured on TheSaleroom.Com

Wed 2 June 2021

Nicole Salvesen is co-founder of Salvesen Graham, with fellow interior designer Mary Graham. Nicole and Mary have become authoritative voices in the interiors world and are known for creating classically stylish interiors that mix colour and pattern while staying true to tradition.

They regularly use antiques – often from auctions on – to add balance to their schemes.

What is your own favourite item from an auction?

I bought a four-poster wood and brass bed frame that I haven’t been able to use yet but is destined for one of my children’s bedrooms in an upcoming shake-up of our home. It’s from Moore Allen & Innocent in Cirencester through an auction on

Why do you love it so much?

In all honesty my love of this piece is less about historical integrity and provenance, unlike some of my past purchases, but more that I loved how magical it would be in my daughter’s bedroom. This is what makes buying antiques so special, it allows you often to be able to access furniture that may otherwise be out of budget (I have had some really lucky finds over the years!) and antiques add such a lovely balance to an interior scheme making them feel authentic.

What are your plans for it?

I didn’t have any immediate plans to use it so I certainly bought this on a whim with a long term plan. It’s in storage, but plans are being made for the fabric to dress it!

My daughters currently have a bus bunk bed so I know this is going to be a real upgrade for them. I do have my eldest in mind for this bed but I know she is going to have a fight on her hands!

We can just imagine how magical the bed will look once Nicole has put her touch to it. If you have your heart set on a bed like Nicole’s, you can find similar ones coming up for auction on

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