General Licences for Bird Control

29th April 2019

Following the snap announcement from Natural England to revoke general licences for controlling certain wild birds, urgent reviews of the situation have been undertaken by stakeholders and Natural England.

With the general licence removed, landowners need to be aware that in the absence of a specific licence, you are not able to undertake control. Individual licences are available and will be relevant until a revised general licence is issued. In theory, this new general licence should cover the majority of circumstances previously addressed.

It is likely that the new general licences will start with carrion crows and damage to livestock. This will be followed by the control of wood pigeons and crop damage.

Landowners should ensure that all employees are advised of the situation and, if appropriate, an individual licence applied for. Be aware that any breach may impact on cross-compliance.

For further information, please contact one of the agricultural team.