Professional Services

As an RICS registered and regulated firm, Moore Allen and Innocent have a number of commercial staff who are Registered Valuers qualified to undertake formal valuations of commercial property covered by the RICS Valuation Professional Standards for any number of purposes. Our team is also able to provide advice as to the marketing and management of your commercial property to enable you to maximise the value of your assets and ensure that you achieve the best yields from your investments.

Our team has experience of undertaking planning applications for any number of commercial development processes from start to finish including one off advice encompassing site appraisals, planning reports, viability assessments and design and access statements. We have in house mapping facilities that enable us to produce site and location plans and connections with many other planning professionals in the area who can assist as necessary.

For further information, or to discuss how our team can assist you, please call us on 01285 648112