Cross Compliance Hedge Trimming Derogations – Apply Now

17th May 2017

Claimants of Basic Payment must abide by the schemes Cross Compliance rules. These include GAEC7a which prohibits the cutting or trimming of hedges between March 1st and August 31st (inclusive) other than in the following situations:

  • the hedge overhangs a highway, road or footpath over which there is a public or private right of way and the overhanging hedge obstructs the passage of, or is a danger to, vehicles, pedestrians or horse riders,
  • the hedge is dead, diseased, damaged or insecurely rooted and because of its condition, it or part of it, is likely to cause danger by falling on to a highway, road or footpath; or obstructs the view of drivers or the light from a public lamp,
  • it is to carry out hedge-laying or coppicing during the period March 1st to April 30th (inclusive)
  • it is to trim a newly laid hedge by hand, within 6 months of it being laid

It is, however, possible to apply to the RPA for a derogation from GAEC 7a so that any hedges around fields to be sown with oil seed rape or temporary grass during August can be trimmed or cut during that month.

Written permission must have been received from the RPA in advance of any hedge cutting or trimming being done so it is recommended to apply for this derogation as early as possible.

To apply for a derogation claimants should email or write to the RPA giving the land parcel reference numbers for the areas that are to be planted with OSR or temporary grass.

If a derogation is received but the works are not completed it is advisable to update the RPA accordingly.

Further details are available from the RPA or contact a member of the MAI Agricultural team on 01285 648 106.