Basic Payment Scheme - Mapping

The way RPA deals with mapping is changing. BPS claimants will either be able to go online to plot landscape features on their land for Greening/EFA purposes using the RPA's online mapping system or use paper maps depending on the method used in 2014. Claimants who use the online mapping service will then be able to manage and amend their land parcels. The maps must be highly accurate.

At Moore Allen & Innocent, we can help you to build your land profile and assist you with classifying land, transferring land parcels, amending parcel boundaries and identifying land features. We can also assist with identifying land for Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) with up to date and accurate mapping data.

We can also provide you with detailed customised plans of your land using our digital mapping service. We have recently invested in Pear Technology, an advanced mapping system which allows us to overlay RPA data onto a wider farm plan. These plans can be produced on any size paper up to A1 or in pdf format. Plans can also be laminated – which clients have found to be extremely practical for use on the farm.

For further information on any aspect of digital mapping, please contact Amy McDonald (01285 648115).